The third book of the series "Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Terminal Ilness" is out on 31st October and is available to buy here or from Amazon.

"Fantastic books. We often recommend the Nurse Ted books to families we are supporting who are facing the death of a loved one." Jigsaw South East.

"Nurse Ted has done a terrific job in explaining to children how she helps people through their treatment when they are unwell. This book provides valuable advice for both children and parents, and I would recommend this book to anyone who faces the difficult and often confusing experience of supporting a loved one who is unwell."

The Right Honourable Anne Milton, Member of Parliament for Guildford.   

​​​Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Terminal Ilness

Children's Cancer Picture Book

​​​Nyrs Ted: Canllaw ar Ganser i Blant (Welsh edition of Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Cancer).

Children's Brain Tumour Book

The second book of the series "Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Cancer" is a more general book to help parents and other family members who have other types of cancer explain their diagnoses and treatment to their children. We have been recommended by Little Parachutes - please visit their website for their review. For more reviews, please go to Books. We also work in partnership with Your SimPal, a unique national service providing free calls/ texts/ data to people affected by cancer. 

​Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Brain Tumours

The Welsh translation of ​"Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Cancer" is now available to buy here or from Amazon

The Fountain Centre

"Nurse Ted is an excellent resource to help a carer mediate the diagnosis of a brain tumour with a child. There can be nothing more difficult than talking with a child about what it means to have a brain tumour. This book, with its beautiful illustrations and clarity of language, makes this less daunting. It's a gift to any adult who is living with this diagnosis."  

Brainstrust, The Brain Cancer People.   

"We are proud to support Nurse Ted. Children whose parents are affected by a brain tumour can face a difficult and uncertain time and there has been a lack of information for them to help them understand what is happening. Nurse Ted will be a very helpful resource for families in future."

The Brain Tumour Charity.


Nurse Ted

Children's Books About Cancer and Other Illnesses

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The first book of the series, "Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Brain Tumours," tells the story of a little girl called Lilly whose dad has a malignant (cancerous) brain tumour.

Lilly feels a little scared. But once Nurse Ted has explained it all to her, she feels a little less scared.

​​​Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Cancer

This is Nurse Ted!

The "Nurse Ted" series of award winning picture books are designed to support children's understanding of what is happening to a family member who is affected by a brain tumour, cancer, or other serious illness.

These conditions can be scary and children may have lots of questions. In the "Nurse Ted" books you will find lots of information and stories of children who are going through similarly difficult times.

​Recommended by Little ParachutesThe Brain Tumour Charity website, Brainstrust, and other Cancer Charities. Bright Pig Winner of the Week. Jacqueline Gold's WOW winner. Recently chosen by Dragon Den's Theo Paphitis as an SBS Winner.