Testimonials for Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Cancer 

Having the story told through Nurse Ted is a great way to make children feel at ease and "on side" with the narrator and adds a real sense of warmth to the story.  

Wow, what an incredible book.

The third book of the series helps parents or other family members who have terminal cancer explain their diagnoses and treatment to their children.

Like the first two books of the series, the "Children's Guide to Terminal Illness" provides a reassuring way to present information in an easy-to-understand format.  

Review: "This book is a guide for children about terminal illness. Nurse Ted is a teddy bear who is a nurse. The story walks through a young boy's loss of his father. The books is more informative rather than a story book. It talks about what terminal illness is, what the outcome is eventually, how it might make you feel and how to make a memory box to remember the person. In the back are some activities to do with children. I was impressed with the book and would recommend it," @LibbyMBC

What a great book. I have been working as a children's counsellor for the past eight years, supporting them when their parents are diagnosed with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. This book would have been so useful to have. It explains treatment in terms that a child can understand, and will be a wonderful resource to have in my kit bag! I just wish I had it a few years ago.

Julie Cole, Family Services Manager, The Fountain Centre.

Thank you very much for creating this wonderful resource for children with a parent affected by a brain tumour.

The second book of the series helps parents or other family members who have cancer explain their diagnoses and treatment to their children.

Nurse Ted explains to Ben, the main character in the second book, that his mummy has cancer. Like the first book of the series, the "Children's Guide to Cancer" provides a reassuring way to present information in an easy-to-understand format.  

I really like how the illustrations combine the fictional "Nurse Ted" and other characters with images of a real hospital. Allowing the reader to become familiar with the clinical features of a hospital and its machinery through the illustrations on each page will take away some of the uneasiness and trepidation children will have when setting foot in a hospital and offer much comfort, even if subconsciously.    

The first picture book of the series helps parents, carers, or other family members who have a brain tumour explain their diagnoses and treatment to their children.

With age appropriate information and language, Nurse Ted communicates with Lilly, the little girl in the story, in a way she understands. The picture book format, a familiar medium for children, provides a reassuring way to present information in one place. Containing a Glossary of Terms, Parent's/ Carer's Cut-Out Guide, Questions and Answers Section, and Side Effects page, the book is also a useful resource for adults.

Reviews have highlighted that the book provides an invaluable tool for children who are affected by a family member's brain tumour.

"Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Brain Tumours"is listed on the The Brain Tumour Charity's list of helpful books.

The Nurse Ted Brain Tumour Book has been reviewed and approved by healthcare professionals.

It has been written for informational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem. It may not be suitable for everyone who is affected by a brain tumour.

​This book tackles a very difficult subject in a very child-friendly way. We will certainly be recommending it to some of the

families we are supporting and are grateful to have been invited to provide feedback.

Nickey Price, Operations Manager at Jigsaw (South East).  

​​Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Terminal Illness

I really liked the book because instead of a boring document about cancer it is a children's book overflowing with colourful pictures and it is interesting and yet a story book! Also I didn't know what was happening inside dad until I read this book. Thank you for writing this book. I loved it!

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Testimonials for Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Brain Tumours 

I would thoroughly recommend this book to any family going through this. . . A book like this would be a lifeline.


Nurse Ted

Children's Books About Cancer and Other Illnesses

Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Cancer 

Children's book about Brain Tumours

​​Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Brain Tumours

I'm totally blown away by this very special and endearing book. It educates children on a difficult, complicated and scary subject matter in a completely non-threatening way. The book doesn't conceal any truth or attempt to shield children from the reality of the subject yet at the same time the facts are presented in a reassuring and encouraging way that is easy to understand. I would imagine that children going through this would feel hugely comforted by the story and also have many of their questions answered.    

Children's Guide to Cancer

​The Nurse Ted books continue to provide invaluable advice for children, parents and their families. It's a great way of introducing a complicated subject and providing an opportunity to explore some of the issues faced by people when a loved one is unwell. I would recommend the latest Nurse Ted book to anyone going through this difficult experience.

The Right Honourable Anne Milton MP for Guildford. 

​Nurse Ted is a MUST read for families living with cancer.

Blair Papworth.  

​What an incredible book. It should be available in all schools. Informative for adults too!

Chris Lewis.   

It is great and nice to see a generic book for children, not having to think of the diagnosis before offering something for parents to use with their children is great. Great illustrations. Well done. As a drop-in information centre we support a lot of parents who are going through cancer treatments and want to know how best to inform their children. This is an excellent resource.

Karen Holmes, Centre Nurse Manager, Cancer Support Centre, Sheffield.